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Course Introduction

Travels in Chinese is a combination of two things, namely Chinese tourism and the Chinese language. How does this work?Well, the Chinese language course is designed around different cities and roughly corresponds to HSK 1-6. Each city is a “unit,” and each lesson within that unit is a location; a place of historical interest that is worth visiting to any intrepid traveller to China. For example, the Beijing unit would have the following lessons:


Lesson 1: Beijing

Lesson 2: Beihai Park

Lesson 3: Zhoukoudian

Lesson 4: Imperial Academy

Lesson 5: Summer Palace

Lesson 6: Temple of Heaven

Lesson 7: Forbidden City

Lesson 8: Palace Museum

Lesson 9: The Great Wall of China

Lesson 10: Lama Temple

Lesson 11: Old Summer Palace


Each Unit will ultimately be available in 6 different levels, with cultural and historical knowledge increasing as the levels progress. For example, where Beijing HSK1, Forbidden City, is a humourous dialogue between the protagonists, the same lesson at HSK6 is a letter to the founding father of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, written by one of his sons. In this way, the series can offer fascinating cultural information at any stage of a Chinese learner’s progress.


Every lesson is free and includes a podcast, a dialogue, new words and a grammar point, however, we are making textbooks which include many more features that will be able to be purchased for a reasonable price. Travels in Chinese is a full-time job and has a small but non-voluntary staff! Any support will be great and in this way we can hopefully stay away from nasty ads.


In any case, we love the fact that you’re here so thank you! This is an ongoing project and will eventually have 15+ cities plus a unit dedicated to Chinese culture and blogs relating to travel.


We hope you enjoy your Travels in Chinese!