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Neil Corrigan, Founder, Course Coordinator, Editor: 

Hi everyone, I’m Neil, Jack of all trades here at Travels in Chinese. I’m based in Nanjing, China, where I run an outdoor English school for children. I have 12 years professional experience as a teacher of foreign languages and have been studying modern and classical Chinese for 10+ years. Travels in Chinese is a passion of mine; I wanted to do something no one else has done by creating a Chinese language course while introducing learners to the plethora of natural and cultural resources that this ancient country has to offer, including gardens, palaces, temples, museums, tombs, and parks. I study calligraphy and Chinese painting and am pursuing an MA in art history. We hope you enjoy the site!

Ronald Paredes, Head Designer:

Hey there! I am a Venezuelan graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in art direction, creative direction, brand development and a solid professional background in advertising, marketing and visual communication. 


Ru Fang (茹放) Assistant Designer and Author (HSK1-3):

你好!I write most of the HSK 1-3 dialogues and also do a lot of the design work. I have tried to add an element of humour to the dialogues to make learning Chinese more interesting than it already is. I graduated in design but have always been interested in writing.

Donna (赵婧娟), Author (HSK4-6), Proofreader:

Hi! My name is Donna and I’m a proofreader and author. I study tourism so naturally love Chinese history and culture. Apart from proofreading HSK1-3 lessons, I write content for HSK4-6. I love writing these lessons as I can introduce a lot of cultural knowledge into the more challenging texts. I also help Neil with the podcasts of each lesson.


Wei Yuan (韦苑), Chief Illustrator:

Hi! I am a professional illustrator specialising in architectural drawings and am responsible for the watercolours of all our lessons and the maps in our upcoming tour guides. I am passionate about drawing and painting and love making these colourful paintings for all of our lessons.

Mark (马克), Illustrator:

Hi! My name is Mark and I am a professional illustrator. I have an MA in Illustration Design and work for a publication house in Nanjing. I am responsible for the fun pandas and caricatures that (hopefully) brighten up the place!

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Binoy Barua, Chief Technician :

Hi everyone, I’m Binoy and I'm studying aeronautical engineering in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I am from Bangladesh. I am also fond of coding and web design and am responsible for designing and developing this website along with our (upcoming) app. Hope you enjoy your time here at our website!